Multi blade row meshing example#

This basic example shows how to set up a multi blade row meshing instance and execute it in parallel.

Perform required imports#

Perform the required imports. It is assumed that the ansys-turbogrid-core package has been installed.

import os

from ansys.turbogrid.core.multi_blade_row.multi_blade_row import MultiBladeRow

Create and use a MultiBladeRow instance#

Create a MultiBladeRow instance, set it up for a multi blade row case and execute.

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # Set working directory.
    working_directory = os.getcwd()

    # Set location for the NDF file.
    case_folder = r"Full\Path\to\the\folder\having\the\NDF\file\for\the\case"

    # Set name of the NDF file.
    ndf_file_name = "Name_of_the_NDF_file_for_the_case.ndf"

    # Create a MultiBladeRow instance.
    mbr_instance = MultiBladeRow(working_directory, case_folder, ndf_file_name)

    # Set up some settings.
    mbr_instance.set_spanwise_counts(56, 73)
    mbr_instance.write_tginit_first = True

    # Call the execute method to perform the meshing.

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