PyTurboGrid documentation 0.4.1#


Ansys TurboGrid is a high-quality turbomachinery meshing software app. It features novel automated mesh generation capabilities in a simple-to-use, streamlined workspace. You can apply the tools in TurboGrid to a wide variety of turbomachinery equipment to help produce accurate simulation results.

What is PyTurboGrid?#

PyTurboGrid is part of the larger PyAnsys effort to facilitate the use of Ansys technologies directly from Python. PyTurboGrid implements a client-server architecture. Communication between PyTurboGrid (client) and the running TurboGrid process (server) is based on the plain TCP/IP technology. However, you need to interact only with the Python interface.

You can use PyTurboGrid to programmatically launch an instance of TurboGrid, load a model, read in a session file, generate a mesh, and query statistics for this mesh.

PyTurboGrid lets you use TurboGrid within a Python environment of your choice in conjunction with other PyAnsys libraries and external Python libraries.

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